Can anyone load measurements in the database?

No, if he is not one of the project partners, he has to get a permission from the System Administrator. To request a permission please send an email to info@msensis.com.

Are all the measurements available to everybody?

To some extent they are, but in less detail. The raw data are available only to professional users, stakeholders, project partners, scientific community.

Is there a possibility to extract data in excel format?

Yes, for specific users (see also previous answer).

How can I register as a professional stakeholder?

You need to express your interest by contacting the System Administrator at info@msensis.com.

I am a Data Provider user. How can I be sure that my data is safe?

All stored data are backed-up, stored and protected through firewall at mSensis.

What is the main purpose of the Statistical function?

The Statistical function helps the user to have a more integrated idea on the data measurements by providing min, max, average, percentiles etc.

What is the main purpose of the Modelling function?

The Modelling function helps the user to elaborate further, the available data, by using more sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

What is the main purpose of the Health Index function?

The Health index function helps the user to find the impact on his/her health by calculating an index based on the measurements stored. This is a generic index and may not apply to specific condition that an individual may has.

How can I register as a Data Provider?

You have to contact the Web Portal Administrator and ask him to provide you with a username and a password.